Instagram is geared up to remove the IGTV button

If you are one of those Insta users who are looking annoyed with that IGTV button, then here is the news for you. According to the recent reports, Instagram is taking its baby step to remove the IGTV shortcut button from the top right corner from the app’s home screen. The IGTV is one of Instagram’s long forms of video service that was meant to combat the likes of the YouTube channel.

Instagram is geared up to remove the IGTV button

According to Instagram, it has decided to remove the IGTV button after discovering that relatively very few people were tapping on it. It further describes that most of the people are watching IGTV content through previews in the Feed. These previews are basically from the IGTV channel in Explore, profiles of the creators and other standalone apps. According to the Insta spokesperson, there are very few clicks on the IGTV icon and people are rather interested in watching short and crisp videos on Instagram.

The root cause to quit IGTV button

Although it’s a minor change to Instagram videos it is welcomed to Instagram’s interface as it is one less thing that strives for your attention while watching those brief videos. This means that the users on Instagram will not have to do many efforts to find the IGTV content. Of course, you can easily download the standalone app of IGTV videos. However, the data suggest that a very small proportion of Insta’s billion-plus users are bothered to download the app. By comparing these numbers of users the Rival app TikTok has the number of downloads in contrast.

More about the discontinuation project for IGTV videos

The move about discontinuing the IGTV button from Instagram is the latest sign that Instagram is not much appreciating as a distinct, standalone service. According to the recent sources, the users can now post IGTV videos using the same video upload interface as used for the main news feed. Being Facebook the parent company, Instagram is struggling to set the high hopes for the users. Recently reports explain that Instagram is struggling to attract the creators and the users to IGTV since the beginning.

Future predictions for the IGTV

The services offered by Instagram don’t offer the same revenue-share opportunities that come from the YouTube ads. Moreover, the creators have already said that the brand has not offered the same sponsored content opportunities for IGTV videos as they give for their main posts on the Instagram platform.

If you are one of those users who do don’t want to go with the decision to discontinue the IGTV button, then you don’t have to worry. We are saying this because, you can install the IGTV app where you can watch longer videos and like YouTube, you can also download the videos or save them to watch later. For those who always wanted the IGTV button should be eliminated from the brief video posts on Instagram, then it is for sure good news for you.

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