How To Activate McAfee Antivirus By Following Easy Steps

If you are a PC or a Mac owner and want to get complete protection for your device, then you need McAfee security program running on your device. It is easy to download, install and run McAfee software on your required device. There are two methods by which you can enjoy the security features of McAfee by installing it. You can either install it via offline or online and then run it on your device you can activate once the product is installed on the device.
To download and install you can visit the official website of McAfee that goes by the URL. and once the product is installed you can activate the McAfee product by entering the activation key code that you have received at the time of purchasing the security software. If you are purchasing it from a retail shop nearby, then you will get the activation code at the backside of the product package.

How to activate McAfee antivirus?

You can activate the Mcafee product once you have purchased, downloaded and installed the security file on your computer. Do you need to understand how can you download McAfee first then the article will further elaborate the steps for How to activate McAfee antivirus?

Steps to download McAfee antivirus

There are a few steps to download McAfee before you know the steps to how to activate Mcafee:-

  1. Visit the website
  2. If you are an existing user, log in to your McAfee account.
  3. If you are a new user, you have to create a new account.
  4. If you are creating a new account, you have to enter your name and other details asked.
  5. Select the payment method and make the payment to purchase the product.
  6. Now, go to “My Account” and then download your purchased McAfee product
  7. Read the license agreement carefully and then click on “agree” to complete the downloading process.
  8. Wait until the download process is finished.
  9. Proceed further for the installation process.
  10. The installation step can take some time, which completely depends upon the working speed of your computer, so be patient.

Steps to install McAfee antivirus

There are a few steps to install McAfee before you know the steps to how to activate Mcafee:-

  1. Click on the “Download” folder.

Note: Any downloaded software, files or folders will be displayed in the “Download” folder(by default), until unless you make the changes.

  1. Double click on “Mcafee Antivirus” file to access the software.
  2. You can now click on the setup or run the McAfee software depending upon the browser you use.
  3. McAfee activate process is now started to install.
  4. com/activate will now ask for the McAfee Activation product key.
  5. Click on “Next” and follow instructions given on-screen
  6. After you complete all the on-screen instructions, the installation process will be finished.
  7. The installation step can take some time, which completely depends upon the working speed of your computer, so be patient.
  8. Once the process to download and activate gets completed you then pursue further for the activation process.

Steps to activate McAfee antivirus

To activate McAfee antivirus software on your device successfully, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below:-

  1. In the first step, you have to click on the “McAfee” icon that is visible on screen for launching the security program.
  2. Now, you have to enter the credentials that are associated with your McAfee account.
  3. You will be prompted to enter the 25 digit activation code.
  4. After this step, you have to select the country and the language and then you have to click on the “Activate” option.

By following the steps mentioned above, the process to activate McAfee will get completed. The device is now protected and the software is ready to perform the virus scanning functions.

Some common errors you might face while activating McAfee antivirus software:-

  1. Error 12152:- File missing, this error usually happens when McAfee download servers are not 100% in sync.
  2. Error 7305:- file mismatch, this error occurs when the properties of the downloaded file do not match with the expected properties.
  3. Error 76556:- Communication error
  4. Error 122002:- Connection timeout, it usually occurs due to the bad connection or low connectivity to the internet.
  5. Error 12030:- Connection aborted. This error occurs due to the lost connection.


If you are looking for How to activate McAfee antivirus on your device then this article will guide you to do so. There are certain steps for the successful activation of McAfee products that have been discussed already in the article above. However, if you face any issues while activating McAfee, it is recommended to get in touch with the Customer Support team via helpline number available online.

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