McAfee hints towards Multi-Cloud environment challenges for Govt. agencies

The outbreak of corona virus pandemic has lead to increased usage of cloud in the enterprise. This is because of the continuation of work-from-home norm which is necessary for maintaining social distancing. This is one of the main reasons why teamwork will require even more cloud-based collaboration services than ever.

Hence, multi-cloud facilities can offer government agencies the flexibility that is the need of the hour. This will also fulfil the requirements of improved security and capacity. All of this combined together is needed to achieve for modernizing today and tomorrow. But, this implication of multi-cloud system gives way to a number of questions. This is because the process is quite complex and stands a challenge in front of federal CISO team.

One of the employees from the team of McAfee, enjoyed the chance to sit with several public and private sector leaders in cloud technology. In that meeting, the challenges at the Securing the Complex Ecosystem of Hybrid Cloud was discussed. The webinar was organized by the Center for Public Policy Innovation (CPPI) and Homeland Security Dialogue Forum (HSDF).

In it, most of them agreed to the fact that technological advancements in the field of hybrid and multi-cloud environments has made significant growth. But, still there is scope of improvement and also there is still much work left to do.

The three concepts where development is needed in the field of cloud-based security are discussed below.

  1. Different capabilities are needed for hybrid environment
  2. There is continuing evolution in the zero-trust
  3. Data protection facilities should be enforced cohesively

Now, we shall discuss these points in detail

  1. Different capabilities are needed for hybrid environment

There are some gaps in the capabilities adopted by different organisations that remained unfilled and must be filled at the earliest. For this, there should be a clear and transparent system. When there is transparency, filling gaps will become more easy. Also, different organizations have different requirements for the gap fulfilment and this should be kept in mind.

  1. There is continuing evolution in the zero-trust

Its has been quite some time now that zero-trust has been taking place and its growth is still continuing. In this approach, it is required of the organization to fulfil gaps by examining the existing work environment.

  1. Data protection facilities should be enforced cohesively

There should be a law enforcement policy which can be easily recognizable strategy for data protection of an organization at all the levels. Other than this, conditional and contextual access to data is complicated for companies which is making it difficult for them to adopt cloud-based services.

These were some of the deeply rooted problems related to cloud-integration which could be solved if everyone works together for it. McAfee is trying its best to ensure the successful integration of multi-cloud system. McAfee’s MVISION Cloud in such an environment can play its role very efficiently by making sure that your data remains secure from online theft. More Information :-

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