Redeem McAfee Retail Card – McAfee Activate Code Retail Card

What would you do if your house was a theft in your house? You would dial 911 or simply call the cops! But what if your data is stolen online? Or your you learn that your bank account has been compromised? Well, about banks, you might still get back your money, but not data. So, to keep your data safe you need to install antivirus software that is efficient in protecting your identity as well as your data online from hackers. You can install the McAfee antivirus by using the McAfee Retail Card.

What exactly is McAfee Retail Card?

We just told you about McAfee Retail Card, do you know what is it? Did you think it was some kind of a Credit Card? No, it is a secret code card that you receive when you buy McAfee Antivirus from a retail store or from a computer shop. The card is always within the box of the antivirus that you buy. As it is used to activate McAfee antivirus product after installing it on the computer or laptop of your choice.

So, assuming that you have brought the McAfee product, you should be ready to install it on your machine. Just a quick note, that while buying the McAfee product, make sure to check with the shop owner if the product is compatible with your laptop or computer operating system or not.

Now carefully follow the easy steps so that you can install McAfee antivirus on your machine and redeem the code by using the McAfee retail card.

Activation of the McAfee Retail Card

After redemption of the retail card, a user can proceed to download (if using the online method) and install your McAfee antivirus to activate your subscription. Let’s start!

  • Open a new browser window, like chrome or safari and then visit the link that is shown on your McAfee retail card, or the official McAfee website homepage
  • Now you have to cootie your country and later the language that you want (if not English)
  • Usually, the registration web page will offer you the correct selection of country, but it might not always be correct, hence select manually
  • It is this time that you will need to enter the activation code which you have on the McAfee retail card
  • In the next step, enter your email address and then click on the “Submit” button
  • When the website prompts, check whether the Email Address that you have entered is correct or no
  • If not please make sure to enter it correctly as there are important updates that the company sends via that email address so that you can follow the same to remain safe online
  • So, what will happen if your email address is incorrect, how to correct it?
    • Click the “Edit” button to return to the previous screen
    • Here, correct your email address and then click on “Verify”
  • Your subscription is now activated!

By following the above-mentioned steps properly, you have successfully activated the McAfee antivirus software online.

And now, you have to download the McAfee software on to your computer or laptop and install it. You have to do it so that you stay protected. The installed software will defend you and your data from online cheater, scams, fake websites and even malware.

Issues faced by the McAfee retail card users

But what if you face a problem while you are trying to activate the McAfee Retail Card and redeeming your subscription? Do not worry, below mentioned are some steps that you can easily follow. Here you would not see any errors but there are chances that you may come across one if you haven’t carefully taken care of your internet connection or have mistyped any code.

The following are the two most common problems which users face. You as a user should make sure that the computer or the laptop is having a good internet connection. This is necessary because the process should not stop in between as this can cause the process to be started all over again.

Issue 1 – You see an error message – “Web page does not exist” or “invalid product key”

  1. Here, make 100% sure that you have checked the registration code and have ensured that you have typed it correctly.
  2. You might have mistyped the web address in an incorrect manner, again carefully type and then click the “Go” or arrow button on the browser.

Issue 2 – It is another type of common problem which users come across is this message, “We’re sorry, but we’re having technical difficulties at this time. Please try again later”.

  1. Be patient and wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then try again
  2. Be sure that the Country selection box above the registration number. This option is available on the activation page
  3. Re-check if you have selected a wrong Country or even the Language selection is incorrect. This makes sure that you have made the necessary changes. After this, select the correct options to proceed.

After doing these changes, you will surely not face any issues regarding the activation of the McAfee product.

Upon completing the process a user can go ahead and download McAfee antivirus on his machine. To do so the user will have to visit through a new browser window. After this, he has to download the software after logging in to the McAfee account using the registered e-mail ID. Use the same email ID that you used at the time of registration. [email protected]:-

Once downloaded, run the file to start installing the software. To do this, just follow the online instructions.